Thursday, July 9, 2020

R.C & me

This is a blog called R.C. & me. This blog is about my journey with photography. The journey started in an unusual way that led to more unusual events that are still continuing to this day.

This blog is called R.C. & me because the first picture I ever took was of a hitchhiker named R.C. It wasn't really the first picture I ever took but it was the first one that meant anything to me. It was the picture that started my journey.

*Posts are in totally random order. Dates are unimportant.  I know most blogs are meant to be up to date with the latest post in front. I wanted the genesis of this blog to always be in the front: R.C. The rest of the posts are mixed up in no particular order of date or place. Anything you read took place some time in the last eight years. All pictures and poetry were written and shot in that same time frame.

**This is a blog for people who like to read. Some of these essays are not short at all. Some of these stories are very long by blog standards. Just letting you know.**

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